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TourismBoat on Fishing Plays a Key Economy for the District even though Agriculture and Fishing are the Major ones. Shrines, Places of Hindu Faith, Mosques forms the Spritual Tourism for the district. Annual Festivals and functions marks glory of the Year. Heritages like Tarangam padi Fort, Poompuhar speaks of the rich civilization of this land.  

OneAgriculture Field of the major economies of the District, Agriculture contributes a higher share of Rice Production in the State. We have raised so many important agricultural crop in our District. Rice, Groundnut, Pulses, Gingelly, Sugarcane and Cotton. 

Fishing,Catched Fish - moving out along with Para marine activities like Dry fish ,Prawn farming constitues the second Major economy for the district. The marine ecosystem provides mankind with food, medicines, industrial products and pleasure.  

ThisDanish Fort was the only busy trade centre on the Coromandal coast for the Danes.This fort was declared as a protected monument by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamilnadu in 1977 ADThe Danes constructed fortifications on the coast at Tranquebar. This fort was a busy trade centre till 1845 AD when the Danes handed over the fort to the English. It was used as a Public Works Department Travellers Bungalow for government servants and colonials till 1977 AD.  

Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd.

The Project for Women

MahalirPVP Project Logo Thittam is a socio, economic empowerment programme for women / Differently abled in persons implemented by Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd. Mahalir Thittam is based on Self Help Group (SHG) approach and is implemented in partnership with Non Governmental Organizations' (NGOs) and Community based organizations. The SHG approach was started in a small way in Dharmapuri district in the year 1989 with the assistance of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Later the scheme was extended to the erstwhile Salem and South Arcot districts in the year 1991-1992 and further extended to Madurai and Ramanathapuram in the year 1992-1993. Follwing the success of the IFAD project, Mahalir Thittam project was launched with State. Today; the SHG movement is a very vibrant movement spread across all districts of the State with nearly 69,91,000 women as members. As on 31.03.2010, there are 4,41,311 SHGs with a total savings of Rs.2568 crores. In Nagapattinam district the scheme has been extended during 2010-2011 Nearly 15008 SHGs were formed with 233420 women as member's

Project implementation Unit (PIU), Mahalir Thittam, Nagapattinam was formed on December 1999 under the Chairmanship of District Collector and the Project Officer as member secretary. The PIU had been registered as per Government order Ms.No.176/S.W/NMP dated 29.09.1999.

"Women meant for Cooking" is the traditional customary belief in Tamil Nadu, about the common women folk. Due to that MIS-concept, women are not treated as equal to men. Even though, they were placed in low status, Government of India as well as the State Governments in India have formulated many schemes with the intention of bringing up them socially and economically up in life.

The Nagapattinam District Administration has taken steps to promote various activities, like training for Adolescent Girls, Entrepreneurship training for SHG Women, campaigns for 100% enrolment of girl children in schools, against harassment of children, preparation of nutritive food for healthy life, holding health camps, workshop on women rights, etc.  It has been decided to bring about a change and to create an atmosphere, which would develop Self-Confidence and self-decision making among women and Girls by involving Voluntary organizations.

We hope the efforts of the District Administration has contributed a firm way to the fullest achievement of the primary aim of the Women Empowerment which would be kept alive in all respect, in the society especially among women.

No.of SHGs 15008
No.of SHG Members 233420
No.of Rural SHGs 12392
No.of Rural SHG members 194272
No.of Urban SHG 2616
No.of Urban SHGs members 39148

The tentative target fixed to Nagpattinam District for the year 2011-2012
General 615 232 847 595 1442
SC/ST 135 65 200 70 270
Differently abled 20 10 30 10 40
Trangender 1 1 2 3 5
Others 4 2 6 2 8
Total 775 310 1085 680 1765

The above target has been re-distributed amounting Mathi NGOs and affiliated PLFs vide District Collectors Proceedings Roc.No.587/2011/A1 Dt:08.06.2011. Inrespect of Rural areas the Block Development Officer (VP) are made responsible for the implementation and in respect of urban area Project Officer, Mathi is directly looking after it. For all the Group members and A&Rs Training will be given during 2011-2012.

Block Wise SHGs details up to 31.03.2011
Sl. No. Name of the Block Rural Urban Total
SHG Members SHG Members SHG Members
1 Kilvelur 679 10864 83 1245 762 12109
2 Keelaiyur 624 9703 77 1155 701 10858
3 Kollidam 1602 24030 0 0 1602 24030
4 Kuttalam 946 15136 121 1815 1067 16951
5 Mayiladuthurai 1455 23280 415 6225 1870 29505
6 Nagapattinam 832 12896 608 9120 1440 22016
7 Sembanarkoil 1679 26016 466 6898 2145 32914
8 Sirkali 1706 26443 309 4635 2015 31078
9 Thirumarugal 751 12016 34 510 785 12526
10 Thalanayar 751 12016 156 2340 907 14356
11 Vedaranyam 1367 21872 347 5205 1714 27077
Total 12392 194272 2616 39148 15008 233420
Non governmental organization (NGO)

MahalirNGO Activity Thittam is implemented in partnership with NGOs who help in formation of SHGs, provide training and monitor them. The NGOs are given funds for providing the above services, Interested NGOs are affiliated as partners with Mahalir Thittam if they satisfy the norms for affiliation.

In Nagapattinam District 11 NGOs and 10 PLFs are affiliated with Mahalir Thittam. The NGOs are DMI, SEED, WARD, PEACE, GSWS, SEVALAYA, KRDS, NAMCO, VDS, TMSSS, RUWA The PLFs are Thirukarugavoor (2) Thirukadaiyur (3) Ayyakaranpulam II (4) Vadugacherry (5) Vilanthidasamuthiram (6) Themangalam (7) Chettipulam (8) Puthur (9) Madanam and (10) Arapallam with the help of these institutions Mahalir Thittam, Nagapattinam, is undertaking the activities such as capacity building and linkage with bank's, etc.

Capacity Building

The hallmark of the SHGs promoted by Mahalir Thittam is the systematic training provided to the SHG members and the office bearers,. This capacity building brings about qualitative changes in the attitude of the women and promotes cohesion and effective functioning of the group.

All the SHG members are imparted training in 4 modules for 4 days to orient them to the SHG concept. The office bearers of the SHGs (Animator and Representative) are given training in 3 modules for 6 days. This training enhances the leadership quality, team building spirit and capacity to maintain books of accounts. In addition, SHG members who are interested in starting economic activities or develop skills to get self employment are provided skill training. The skill training includes a 5 day capsule on entrepreneurial development.

Credit Rating and Linkage:

The SHGs that complete 6 months become eligible for credit rating . Credit rating is a bench marking exercise to grade the group and ascertain its credit worthiness. The credit rating committee consists of one NGO or one representative of the Panchayat level federation (PLF) of the SHGs, Concerned Block Development Officers (VP), Bank Manager and the zonal APO has been included in the credit rating committee. Regularity of savings, frequency of meetings, proper maintenance of registers, internal loaning and repayment are some of the key parameters for rating of groups. The successfully credit rated SHGs, become eligible for credit linkage. They are given revolving fund through schemes like SGSY, TAHDCO or directly provided loans by banks.

The groups also undergo a second credit rating after a period of 1½ years from the date of First Credit - Rating months to ascertain their readiness and suitability to undertake an economic activity. The groups which pass the second credit rating are provided financial assistance to start an economic activity through SGSY/TAHDCO schemes along with bank loan component.

In Nagapattinam district as on 31.03.2010, the total amount of Bank loans disbursed to SHGs is Rs. 7600 crores. During the year 2010-11 the Target under credit linkage in Rs. 78 crores for Nagapattinam district and the achievement so for in Rs. 84.11Crores. For the year 2011-2012 the credit linkage target is 119 crores. Which has to be achieved through Banks.

Revolving Fund to SHGs.

After the groups in rural areas pass the first credit rating, Revolving Fund (RF) subsidy of Rs.10,000/- is provided under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) to facilitate credit linkage with the banks. In addition to the subsidy given by the Government, the Banks provide cash credit upto Rs.60,000/- per group. The RF subsidy was not available to sHGs in urban areas which restricted their access to credit from Banks. Therefore the Government announced a scheme to provide RF subsidy to urban groups from 2006. In 2010-11 the Government have decided to provide RF subsidy to all the eligible Mahalir Thittam SHGs.

The achievement 2006-2007 upto 2010-11
Sl.No. Period No.of Groups Amount (in Lakhs)
1 2006-07 616 61.60
2 2007-08 830 83.00
3 2008-09 1600 160.00
4 2009-10 2500 250.00
5 2010-11 2500 250.00

For the year 2011-2012 the Revolving Fund has been revised and enhanced as at Rs.15,000/- per Group and No. of SHGs allotted for the above purpose are as noted below.

  1. Under SGSY (Both Mathi and Non Mathi) - 607 Rural
  2. Under Mahalir Thittam (Rural) - 1767
  3. Under Mahalir Thittam (Urban) - 390
  4. Total - 2764 * Rs.15,000
  5. Total Amount Rs.41460000

Panchayat Level Federation (PLF)

In Mahalir Thittam, federations of SHGs are formed at Village Panchayat Level called Panchayat Level Federation (PLF). These federations, by pooling in talent and resources and exploiting economies of scale in production and marketing, can benefit member SHG's immensely. They can also guide and monitor functioning of SHGs in all Village Panchayates and strengthening them is the key for ensuring sustainability and Self reliance of SHG's. From 2006-07, the Government of Tamil Nadu have been taking various initiatives to strengthen the PLF's.

  1. Well - functioning PLFs have been provided seed money of Rs.1,00,000/- each.
  2. To strengthen the unity and team spirit, cultural competitions were organized among PLFs at Block and district levels.
  3. Manimegalai awards are presented to the best PLFs at State and district levels in order to motivate them.
  4. PLF representative has been included as a member of credit rating team.
  5. Two representatives from PLF have been included in the payment committee for NREGA Scheme.
  6. One PLF representative has been proposed for inclusion in the committee for selection of samathuvapuram beneficiaries.
  7. PLF certification has been made mandatory; for processing NGO claims for new group formation, monitoring and training.
  8. Well-functioning PLFs are affiliated under Mahalir Thittam on par with NGOs for formation of new SHGs, monitoring etc.,
  9. Registration of all SHGs, formed by the NGOs with the PLF has been included as covenant in the new NGO agreement.
  10. Government have issued orders vide G.O.(Ms) No.125 dt. 21.07.2008 to restructure PLFs to make them inclusive and more democratic and participatory in functioning. In order to give legal status and access to institutional credit to PLfs, orders have been issued to register them under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.
  11. During the year 2008-09 4 pilot PLFs have been registered like
  12. In the year 2009-10 Panchayats have been taken up for PLFs restructuring, 27 PLFs were restructured.
  13. In the year 2010-11 each quarter 21 Panchayat total 84 Panchayat have been taken up for PLF restructuring, up to 31.03.2011 84 PLF were restructured out of 252PLFs. It has been planned to re-structure the remaining 108 PLFs during 2011-12.
Block wise details
Sl. No Name of the Mathi Block Total No. VP (PLF) No. re-structured under Mathi Restructured in IFAD Scheme Total col. No (7+8)Balance to be restructured during 2011-12
Pilot 2009-10 2010-11 Total
Col No.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1Nagapattinam 29 1 4 12 17 3 20 9
2Vedranyam 36 2 4 12 18 4 22 14
3Kollidam 42 1 4 12 17 5 22 20
4Keelaiyur 27 - 3 12 15 5 20 7
5Thalanayar 24 - 4 12 16 3 19 5
6Sembanarkoil 57 - 4 12 16 5 21 36
7Sirkazhi 37 - 4 12 16 4 20 17
  Total 252 4 27 84 115 29 144 108

PLFs those who have completed six months and pass grading successfully will be awarded Rs.1 Lakh incentive to each PLF. According to allotment of Funds up to 31.03.2011. Incentive has been given to 25 PLF. For the year 2011-12 the Target for the payment of incentive is fixed as 53 Nos.

Bulk Loan to PLF

Achievement up to 31.03.2011.

  1. Total No. Loan Application sent to Bank - 33
  2. Total No. Loan Application Sanctioned by the Banks - 28 ( Amount in Lakhs ) 917 - 76.
  3. Total No. of Loan disbursed by Banks - 8 217- 55
  4. Total No. of Application pending with Bank - 5

For the year 2011-2012 Target has been fixed as 36 PLFs for the purpose of Bulk Loan from Banks.

Skill Training for Youth:

Given the popularity of the State as an industrial investment destination, there is huge demand for skilled manpower in manufacturing and services sector. By providing relevant skill training, unemployed youth can be productively; engaged benefiting the society as well as the individual. With this objective in mind, Mahalir Thittam, Nagapattinam has imparted skill training to Youth through reputed industrial training institutions.

Sl. No Year Target No.of Trained Placement effected
12006-07 120 118 68
22007-08 80 80 52
32008-09 350 350 281
42009-10 500 500 392
52010-11 350 350 257
62010-11 Masonry 350 350 350 self employed
Total  1750 1748 1401

The tentative Target for the year 2011-12 under Skill Development is 1700 and the tentative Target under CDP is 150 No.

ID Cards to SHGs Members.

ID cards have been issued to the mathi SHG members upto 31.03.2009. The work is issue of ID cards to 2700 SHG members for the Groups formed during 2009-10 and 2010-11 (1300+1400=2700) is under progress. ID cards will be issued to all of them before 31.07.2011.

Bankers Award

For the banks and bank branches awards are being given for the best performing banks under all govt scheme. This scheme is being implemented since from 2009-10. Awards are being given at district level banks and, bank branches. District level bank First prize Rs.10,000/- with certificate and shields.

Cultural Competitions

To strengthen unity and team spirit, cultural competitions are organized among SHG members at Block and District at every year since from 2007-08 for conduct of these competitions and it drew overwhelming response for SHG members. The competitions have been conducted during November - December in every year.

During 2010-11 cultural competition awards had been given as detailed below. Four competitions are being conducted at District level among the winners at block level competitions.

  1. District Level
    First Prize
    Prize @ Rs.5,000/- with certificate for each competitions
    Second Prize
    Prize @ Rs. 3,000/- with certificate for each competition
    Third Prize
    Prize @ Rs.2,000/- with certificate for each competition
  2. Block Level
    First Prize
    Prize @ Rs.500/- with certificate for each competitions
    Second Prize
    Prize @ Rs. 300/- with certificate for each competition
    Third Prize
    Prize @ Rs.200/- with certificate for each competition

Competition are conducted at Block level and Prizes given at Block Level.

Manimegalai Awards
To encourage well-functioning SHGs and PLFs, the Government had announced Manimegalai awards at State and District Level. Awards are presented to 5 best PLFs and 10 best SHGs at the State level. One PLF selected as best at the District level and 3 SHGs found to be the best at the District Level are given Manimegalai Awards and the best SHG at the Block is given a certificate. The scheme is being implemented since from the 2006-07, The last year details are furnished below.
  1. State Level
    Vedaranyam Block Chettipulam PLF Rs.3,00,000/- Award given during 2010-11 for the performance made during 2009-10
    Proposals sent to PIU Chennai vide Roc. No. 655/2010/A2/15.2.2011
  2. Block Level
    Thalanayar Block Maganathi SHGs Koilpathu Village Rs. 25,000 Vedaranyam Block Thanthai periyar SHG Chettipulam Village Rs.25,000 Kollidam Block Anapallam village Maniyammai SHG Rs. 25,000/- for the performance made during 2009-10
    After the completion of selection of state level award district level selection will be started.


At Panchayat Level Activity present, 434 Panchayat Level Federation (PLF) at all Panchayats in the District.  All the Self Help Groups in a Panchayat are pooled together and Panchayat Level Federation formed with one or two members from each group so as to fulfill their economic as well as social needs through the organized set up.  At present all over the District, there are 434 Panchayat Level Federations functioning in good manner PLFs not only look after the linkage with Commercial Banks but also extending assistance to identify Income Generating Activities for the Self Help Groups and formed the SHGs in the District.


Rated and Eligible Self Help Groups are motivated to identify the Income Generating Activities.   Accordingly at present, Country bricks are produced by Malligai Self Help Group at Thetthi Village Thendral SHG is running the Canteen at Collectorate Campus, paper cups are  manufactured by Annai SHG at Sitharkadu, Mayiladuthurai and installed the Hydrofarm Interlocking Machine at Akkaraipettai with assistance of District Rural Development Agency, Nagapattinam under marketing infrastructure.


Besides Seven PDS Shops being run by the Self Help Groups in our District, it has been proposed to allot some more Public Distribution shops to SHGs in Nagapattinam District.


In Nagapattinam District EDP Training have been imparted to 4743 SHG women upto 2005-06. For the year 2006-2007 the target has been fixed as 760.


It has been planed to give skill training to 690 SHG women in various trades.  So far 300 women have been imparted skill training in Tailoring, Candle making, Agarbathis manufacturing, Inland fish farming, Toys making, Wire bag knitting, Pickles preparation,  screen printing, Brickline works and Mushroom culture, can products.


30 adolescent girls have been selected from Kilvelur block from 15 anganvadi centers.  Life education training have been imparted to these 30 adolescent girls in three parts.  Fist five days training in life education regarding health and hygiene, second part of 7 day training in Entrepreneurship Development Programme Training and third part of 2 months skill training in tailoring and garment manufacturing.  The KSY training have been completed on 03.10.2006


Target has also been fixed to distribute 396 Free LP Gas connections to Married SHG Women or their married daughter upto the financial year 2003-04.  Out of which 726 connections have already been distributed to beneficiaries and remaining applications are under consideration.

It has been proposed to credit link all the eligible groups through NABARD, TAHDCO and SGSY schemes.  Steps have been taken to give Economic Assistance to the SHGs  which have already availed Revolving Fund and NABARD Assistance.