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Divisional Engineer [ Construction & Maintenance]
Highways Department
Nagapattinam Division
Trichy Circle
Poonga Nagar
South Pal Pannai Cheary
Nagapattinam 611 003

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highways department

Highways Department functions under the overall coordination of the Director General. There are eight wings for execution of projects as follows

Construction & Maintenance wing
State fund works
National Highways wing
Central fund works
NABARD & Rural Roads wing
NABARD loan assistance works
Projects wing
Railways Works Programme (fund sharing)
Metro wing
Chennai Metro Development Programme works
Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project
World Bank loan assistance works
Planning, Designs & Investigation Wing
Quality Assurance & Research Wing

In addition, two companies are executing Special Projects.

  1. Tamil Nadu Road Development Company
  2. Tamil Nadu Road Infrastructure Development Corporation

The vision of the Highways Department is to increase the capacity, connectivity, efficiency and safety of the Highways System so as to enable balanced socio-economic development of all sections of the people and all regions of the state.


Government of Tamil Nadu has the unique distinction of creating a separate Highways Department as early as in 1946 exclusively to attend to Roads and Bridges in the State. A new post of Secretary to Government, Highways Department came into being in 1996. It was a part of Public Works Department earlier but is now a separate and distinct department.


The vision of the Highways Department is to increase the capacity, connectivity, efficiency and safety of the Highways System so as to enable balanced socio-economic development of all sections of the people and all regions of the state.


Department of Highways in the Government of Tamil Nadu formulated and approved Information and Communication Technology Strategy (ICTS) in 2008, setting with the following challenges

  1. To achieve to vision of Highways Develop hardware and network infrastructure.
  2. Manage & deploy GIS based Road Information System across the state network.
  3. Deploy Financial and Accounts, HR, Project management, Document Management applications.

For effectively managing the maintenance of road network and related infrastructure in TamilNadu, the Hon'ble Chief Minister had inaugurated e-Pathai (electronic Project, administration, traffic, highway assets & information Management System) system comprising of following software developed under ICTS.

  1. Road Maintenance Management System (RMS)

    The aims of Road Management are to enable the network to withstand the damage caused by wear and tear, to prevent the sub- standard conditions from developing, and to ensure that traffic can continue to travel, in a manner which is safe, efficient, and reliable and causes the minimum damage to the environment. Since, a number of variables influence the road deterioration, managing the asset by manual method is a complex task. Therefore use of computerised system to undertake the maintenance activities more efficiently is necessitated.

  2. Geographical Information System (GIS)

    Geographical Information System(GIS) developed under ICTS comprises of two components viz., Road Information System and Bridge Information System. A GIS integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

  3. Integrated Project, Human Resource & Finance Management System (P & FMS)

    To automate the existing manual procedures in Highways Department, it was decided to develop and implement the software, Project & Finance Management System.

    The modules defined in the software are Project Management system, Finance Management System and Employee Record system.

    All the data related to important projects are digitized and made available in the system in electronic format. Also establishment related particulars will be stored in the data base. This will ensure efficient and transparent functioning of the department. This system has been developed for the Departments internal use to improve the overall functioning.


The functions of all the wings are detailed as follows:

    The post of Director General has been created for smooth and efficient functioning of the department and to coordinate the work of all the eight wings. The Director General is also the head of all the Technical Committees.
    • Overall Planning and Budgeting of Highways Department
    • Establishment and Personnel Administration matters in Highways Department
    • Monitoring Quality of works executed by the Highways Department
    • Monitoring and Managing IT Cell and their Activities relating to epathai systems like Road Maintenance Management System (RMS)
    • Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS), Geographical Information System (GIS),
    • Establishment of Project & Financial Management system (P&FMS) and Collection of Data Utilising Advanced Data Collection Equipment
    • Any other work entrusted by the Government
    • Maintenance of State Highways, Major District Roads, Other District Roads and bridges.
    • Execution of Part – II scheme works.
    • Restoration of roads and bridges affected by natural calamities like monsoons, floods and Tsunami.
    • Execution of road and bridge works under Comprehensive Road Infrastructure Development Programme.
    • Formation of bypasses.
    • Implementation of road infrastructure schemes under Public Private Partnership.
    • Maintenance of ODR - Sugarcane Roads.
    • Construction of ROBs / RUBs.
    • Execution of bridges and roads with loan assistance from NABARD.
    • Construction of Road Over Bridges / Road under Bridges under Railway Works Programme.
    • Road Over and Under Bridges at Railway level crossings under Railway Works Programme.
    • Major Bridge works with State funds and NABARD assistance.
    • Formation of Ring Roads and Radial Roads.
    • Formation of Sugarcane Roads with Sugar Cess Fund
    • Execution of Chennai Metropolitan Development Plan (CMDP) works.
    • Road works, major bridge works and bridge works in road junctions under TNUDP-III.
    • Construction of ROBs / RUBs in Metro areas.
    • National Highways Development comprises plan works and maintenance of roads and bridges on National Highways with the funds of the Government of India.
    • Revamped Central Road Fund scheme works.
    • Inter State Connectivity Scheme works.
    • Economic Importance scheme works.
    • Western Ghats Development Programme works
    • Hill Area Development Programme works
    • Road upgradation works with the World Bank assistance.
    • Enhanced road maintenance works.
    • Undertaking studies for projects to be implemented through Public Private Partnership.
    • Strengthening the organisational set-up of Highways Department.
    • Research activities relating to roads and bridges.
    • 3 tier quality assurance for all works implemented by this department.
    • Road safety and traffic improvement works.
    • Carrying out investigation for new road and bridge works.
    • Preparation of structural designs, drawings and estimates for bridge works costing Rs.2 Crore and above.
    • Implementing major PPP projects
    • Management of Chennai Outer Ring Road works.
    • Undertaking Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway works and maintaining as toll road
    • Improving and maintaining the East Coast Road (Chennai to Puduchery) as toll road
    • Development of road and bridge infrastructure required in industrial areas
Roads summary
Sl. No. Classification of road Single Lane Intermediate lane Double lane Multi Lane Total
1 State Highways 3.900 - 218.910 25.650 248.460
2 Major District Roads 23.600 260.167 14.850 1.200 299.817
3 Other District Roads 594.899 99.190 1.246 - 695.335
4 Other District Roads (Sugar Cane Roads) 32.000 - - - 32.000
Total 654.399 359.357 235.006 26.850 1275.612
state Highways
Sl.No. Name of ConstituencyName of Road Length in Km.
Starting EndingTotal
1 Km.0/0-11/0 Nagapattinam Km.11/0 - 33/771 Keevalur, 33/771 -39/571 Vedaranyam S.H. 200 Nagore-Nagapattinam-Ramanathapuram-Tuticorin road. 0.00039.60039.600
2 km 89/6 - 107/0 Mayiladuthurai, 107/0 - 125/2 Poombuhar S.H. 22 Grand anaicut Cauveripattinam road.89.600125.200 35.600
3 Poombuhar 17/800-23/0, 42/0 - 46/430, Mayilalduthurai 23/0 - 42/0, Sirkali 46/430-53/350 S.H.64 Kumbakonam-Sirkali road17.800 53.35035.550
4VedaranyamS.H. 63 Thanjavur-Mannargudy-Thiruthuraipoondi- Vedaranyam-Kodiakkarai road.72.000106.80034.800
5NagapattinamS.H. 67 Nagore-Nannilam-Nachiyarkoil road. 0.00024.00024.000
6 km 0/0-4/2-Sirkali, 4/2-20/05-Mayilalduthurai S.H. 150 Vaitheeswarankoil-Loweranaicut road.0.00020.050 20.050
7 km 0/0-3/2 Nagapattinam, 3/2-13/4 Keevalur, 13/4-15/0 Thiruvarur S.H. 148 Nagore-Vettar road. 0.00015.00015.000
8 Poombuhar S.H.149 Sembanarkoil-Nalladai road. 0.00011.90011.900
9 km 0/0-5/0 Mayiladuthurai, 5/0-10/4 Poombuhar S.H. 23 Mayiladuthurai-Thiruthuraipoondi road.0.00010.400 10.400
10Sirkali SH210 Sirkali Bye Pass Link Road 0.000
11PoombuharS.H.147 Kumbakonam-Karaikkal road. 18.20025.2007.000
12Sirkali SHU136 Abandoned NH 45A (Viluppuram - Pudhucherry - Cuddalore - Nagapattinam Road) 127.400
Sl.No. Name of ConstituencyName of Road Length in Km.
Starting EndingTotal
1 PoombuharM708- Tharangambady-Manganallur-Aduthurai road. 0.00036.60036.600
2 Km 0/0-13/8 Keevalur, 13/8-34/8 Vedaranyam M 737 - Velanganni-Vedaranyam road. 0.00034.80034.800
3VedaranyamM685- Sengathalai bridge-Vedaranyam road. 0.00021.20021.200
4 Km 0/0-16/4 Keevalur 16/4-20/4 Vedaranyam M1043- Kilvelur-Katchanam road.0.00020.40020.400
5 Sirkali M670- Puthur-Pudupattinam-Palayar road. 0.00019.20019.200
6 Km 11/2-23/0 Poombuhar, 23/0-29/6 Mayiladuthurai M453- Tharangambady-Mayiladuthurai road.11.20029.60018.400
7 Km 0/0-12/2 Keevalur 12/380-16/0 Vedaranyam M467- Thirunellikkaval-Kolappadu-Karunganni road.0.0
3.62 15.82
8SirkaliM426- Sirkali-Thirumullaivasal road. 0.00013.40013.400
9MayiladuthuraiM257- Mayiladuthurai-Pattavarthi road. 0.20013.20013.000
10VedaranyamM835- Sembodai-Chettipulam-Kariyapattinam road.0.00013.00013.000
11 Km 0/0-8/0 Sirkali, 8/0-12/8 Poombuhar M680- Sattanathapuram-Thiruvenkadu-Melaiyur road.0.000 12.80012.800
12SirkaliM836- Anaikkaranchatram-Mahendrapalli road. 0.00011.48011.480
13 Mayiladuthurai 0/0 - 1/0, Poombuhar 1/0 - 10/0 M211- Kuthalam-Komal road.0.00010.00010.000
14SirkaliM425-Sirkali-Panangattankudy road.0.0009.8009.800
15VedaranyamM837- Kuravapulam- Karuppumbulam-Kadinalvayal road.0.0008.900 8.900
16VedaranyamM1012- Kuravapulam-Thopputhurai road.0.0007.3607.360
17VedaranyamM640- Muthupettai-Voimedu road. 15.90023.1007.200
18VedaranyamM838-Moolakkarai-Piranthiyankarai -Kariyapattinam road.0.0007.0007.000
19MayiladuthuraiM213- Kuthalam-Pandanallur road.0.0005.8005.800
20NagapattinamM480-Thittachery-Thirumalarayanpattinam road. 0.0003.4003.400
21KeevalurM1011- Velanganni Church road. 0.0002.2002.200
22KeevalurM255-Mavoor-Sattiyakkudy road. 5.4007.2001.800
23KeevalurM214- Koothur Railway Feeder road. 0.0001.6001.600
24NagapattinamM283- Nagapattinam-Velaganni road. 1.2002.4001.200
25NagapattinamVelankanni - Thiruthuraipoondi Road (Abandoned Stretch)16.230
26MayiladuthuraiM258-Kumbakonam - Sirkali road (link road) 0.0001.0001.000
27PoombhuharM7- Akkur Railway feeder road. 0.0000.8000.800
28Mayiladuthurai M259- Mayiladuthurai Pattavarthy road 0.6001.2000.600
Sl.No. Name of ConstituencyName of Road Length in Km.
Starting EndingTotal
1 Km 0/0 -2/0 Nagapattinam, Km 2/0 -19/0 Keevalur Sikkal-Palakurichy road. 0.00019.00019.000
2MayiladuthuraiMappadugai-Kadalangudy road.0.00015.80015.800
3 Keevalur Pappakoil-Karunganni road. 0.00014.30014.300
4NagapattinamAndipandal-Thirumarugal road.0.00013.20013.200
5VedaranyamAlangudy-Thalanayar-Thalanthiruvasal road.27.20039.20012.000
6SirkaliEdamanal-Nallur road.0.00011.60011.600
7PoombuharPerumalai-Thillaiyadi-Thirukkadaiyur road.0.00011.60011.600
8KeevalurSattiyakudy-Thirukkuvalai-Easanur road.0.00011.00011.000
9VedaranyamPeriyakuthagai-Pushapavanam road.0.00010.40010.400
10NagapattinamPoonthottam-Karaikkal road.6.0 14.6 16.014.0 15.0 17.8010.200
11VedaranyamAlathambady-Alangudy road.18.40027.2008.800
12KeevalurThiruvarur-Alivalam-Vadugachery road.11.00019.8008.800
13PoombuharTheralanthur-Thiruvavaduthurai road.0.0008.8008.800
14VedaranyamKathiripulam-Nagakudaiyan road.0.0008.6008.600
15NagapattinamNagore-Aliyur road.0.4008.6008.200
16SirkaliAyyavaiyanar left bank-Sembathaniruppu road.0.0008.2008.200
17PoombuharMemathur-Uthirangudi road.0.0008.0008.000
18KeevalurAyyadimangalam-Needur road.0.0007.6007.600
19SirkaliAllivilagam-Elayamadukoodam road.0.0007.6007.600
20SirkaliKondathur-Pagasalai road.0.0007.2007.200
21VedaranyamThalanayar-Umbalachery road.0.0007.2007.200
22NagapattinamThirupayathankudy-Thiruchengattangudy road.0.0006.8006.800
23VedaranyamVellikidangu-Thulasiyapattinam road.0.0006.8006.800
24 Km 0/0 - 3/0 Tiruvarur, Km 3/0 - 6/6 Keevalur Virkudy-Thirupayathangudy road.0.0006.6006.600
25KeevalurVadakkupoiyur-Velanganni road.0.0006.6006.600
26KeevalurKeevalur-Vadagarai road0.0006.4006.400
27PoombuharAkkur-Mukkuttu-Chinnangudi road0.0006.4006.400
28SirkaliEnnakkudy-Pattavilagam road0.0006.2006.200
29VedaranyamAyakkarampulam-Kariapattinam road0.0006.0006.000
30SirkaliVaiteeswarankoil - Arasur road0.0006.0006.000
31SirkaliThirumullaivasal-Koolayar road0.0005.6005.600
32SirkaliPuthur-Kunnam road0.0005.6005.600
33KeevalurNirthanamangalam-Sembianmadevi road0.0005.6005.600
34KeevalurPirathabaramapuram Village road0.0 0.04.8 0.85.600
35PoombuharVanagiri-Errampalayam road0.0 0.04.0 1.65.600
36SirkaliUmayalpathi-Madhanam road0.0005.4005.400
37VedaranyamSembodai-Nagakudayan road0.0005.4005.400
38PoombuharArivalur-Vellore road0.0005.3005.300
39SirkaliArasur-Keelmathur road0.0005.2005.200
40SirkaliVaiteeswarankoil - Thannalakkudy road0.0005.0005.000
41SirkaliAnnankoil-Nangur road0.0005.0005.000
42VedaranyamThethakkudy North road0.0005.0005.000
43PoombuharThirukkadayur-Kannagkudy-Killiyur road0.0005.0005.000
44PoombuharKiliyanur Village road0.0005.0005.000
45NagapattinamKuruvadi-Polagam road0.0005.0005.000
46MayiladuthuraiNallathukudy-Nedumaruthur road0.0004.9004.900
47MayiladuthuraiPattavarthy-Kuruchi road0.0004.9004.900
48MayiladuthuraiNaranamangalam Village road0.0004.8004.800
49PoombuharMelapperumpallam-Keelapperumpallam road0.0004.8004.800
50SirkaliMangaimadam-Thirunagari road0.0004.8004.800
51PoombuharKidarangkondan-Sembanarkoil road11.20016.0004.800
52KeevalurThirupoondi-Karappidagai road0.0004.8004.800
53VedaranyamNeermulai-Ettukudy road0.0004.6004.600
54PoombuharMudikondanallur-Keelayur road0.0004.4004.400
55VedaranyamPamani-Kallimedu road3.6008.0004.400
56PoombuharVazhuvur - Kozhaiyur (via) Asikkadu road1.7006.0004.300
57VedaranyamSembiavilagam-Aymoor road0.0004.3004.300
58PoombuharKonerirajapuram-Eachankudy road0.0004.2704.270
59SirkaliPuthuthurai-Thirunagari road0.0004.2004.200
60SirkaliThiruvenkadu-Neidhavasal road0.0004.1004.100
61KeevalurVidangaloor-Muppathikkottagam road0.0004.0004.000
62VedaranyamMarudhur South road0.0004.0004.000
63PoombuharAnnaikoil village road0.0004.0004.000
64SirkaliMangaimadam-Thennampattinam road0.0004.0004.000
65VedaranyamThethakkudy South road0.0004.0004.000
66MayiladuthuraiArulmozhithevan-Harisan Colony road0.0004.0004.000
67PoombuharKeelmathur-Killiyur road0.0004.0004.000
68VedaranyamVanavanmagadevi Village road0.0004.0004.000
69VedaranyamAyakkaranpulam-Pannal road0.0003.8003.800
70VedaranyamThagattur-Thennadar-Panjanathikulam road1.6005.4003.800
71SirkaliPerumthottam-Savadikkuppam road0.0003.8003.800
72VedaranyamThagattur-Chettiangadu-Adhiyankadu road0.0003.8003.800
73VedaranyamAyakkaranpulam Third sethi road0.0003.7003.700
74VedaranyamKaruppampulam-Neivilakku road0.0003.7003.700
75PoombuharNattham-Kanjanagaram road0.0003.6003.600
76NagapattinamEnangudy-Kottur road0.0003.6003.600
77PoombuharParasalur-Elayalur road0.0003.6003.600
78VedaranyamChettiyar Kutthagai-Harisan colony road0.0003.5003.500
79VedaranyamKariapattinam-Maruthur North road0.0003.4003.400
80MayiladuthuraiMannampanthal-Vadagarai road0.0003.4003.400
81PoombuharKonerirajapuram Village road0.0003.4003.400
82MayiladuthuraiAnanthandavapuram Village road2.2005.6003.400
83VedaranyamThirumalam Village road0.0003.4003.400
84PoombuharThillayadi-Kattucherry road0.8004.0003.200
85MayiladuthuraiAyyavayanar left bank road4.0007.2003.200
86SirkaliMangaimadam-Perumthottam road0.0003.2003.200
87SirkaliPagasalai-Erumalai road0.0003.2003.200
88VedaranyamKokkaladi-Thalainayar road10.60013.8003.200
89KeevalurVilunthamavadi-Fisherman colony road0.0003.2003.200
90PoombuharTharmakulam-Neidhavasal road0.0003.0003.000
91VedaranyamAthanur Village road0.0003.0003.000
92MayiladuthuraiMaraiyur Village road0.0003.0003.000
93SirkaliPuthurpattinam-Madavamedu road0.0003.0003.000
94MayiladuthuraiVikkraman Right Bank road0.0003.0003.000
95MayiladuthuraiThirumanacherry Union road0.0003.0003.000
96 Mayiladuthurai 0/0 - 1/0, Poombuhar 1/0 - 3/0 Keelaveli Union road0.0003.0003.000
97NagapattinamThirumarugal - Thuraiyur road0.0003.0003.000
98VedaranyamPanjanathikulam-Nadusethi road0.0003.0003.000
99SirkaliKonayampattinam - Keelamuvarkkarai road0.0003.0003.000
100KeevalurPuthupalli road0.0003.0003.000
101SirkaliSemangalam-Kuthur-Olayam Puthur road0.0003.0003.000
102KeevalurVilunthamavadi-Manalmedu road0.0003.0003.000
103SirkaliThittai - Thillaividangan-Thirukonipuram road1.4004.4003.000
104KeevalurThandava moorthikkadu road0.0003.0003.000
105KeevalurVettakkaraniruppu-Sadayan kottagam road0.0002.8002.800
106SirkaliMadhirivellur Village road0.0002.8002.800
107SirkaliKunnam-Vadarangam road0.0002.8002.800
108PoombuharChitthampur colony road0.0002.8002.800
109PoombuharMekkiri mangalam Palaya Cudalure road0.0002.8002.800
110KeevalurMangudy-Nagalur-Periadhumpoor road6.8 22.09 22.62.800
111VedaranyamKailavanam Pettai road0.0002.8002.800
112PoombuharKolaiyur road0.0002.6002.600
113SirkaliOdhavanthankudy-Thiruneelagandapuram road0.0002.6002.600
114PoombuharMadappuram village road0.0002.4752.475
115PoombuharTheralanthur - Kottur road0.0002.4002.400
116Nagapattinam 0/0 - 0/6 Keevalur 0/6 - 2/6Vadakkupoiyur-Akkaraipettai (via) Keechankuppam road0.0002.6002.600
117SirkaliAlakkudy-Kodhandapuram road0.0002.4002.400
118KeevalurMahizhi Village road0.0002.4002.400
119KeevalurKeelayur-Meenamanallur road0.0002.2142.214
120NagapattinamMuttam Village road0.0002.2002.200
121PoombuharThiruvalankadu-S.Pudur road0.0002.2002.200
122NagapattinamManjakkollai-Andhanappettai road0.0002.2002.200
123KeevalurKarkudy Village road0.0002.2002.200
124PoombuharRoad branching from km 9/4 of Sattanadhapuram-Thiruvenkadu road to Chinnaperumthottam road0.0002.0002.000
125MayiladuthuraiSenbagacherry-Thirumangalam road3.0005.0002.000
126NagapattinamRoad branching from km 10/8 of Nagapattinam-Velanganni road to Seruthur0.0002.0002.000
127PoombuharKomal-Keelasethi road0.0002.0002.000
128PoombuharTharangambady-Maanickapangu road1.0003.0002.000
129VedaranyamMarainayanallur Harisan colony road0.0002.0002.000
130KeevalurThambiran kudykadu road0.0002.0002.000
131SirkaliKuthiraikkuthi Village road0.0002.0002.000
132PoombuharKadali-Narasinganattam road0.0002.0002.000
133KeevalurKodialathur Village road0.0002.0002.000
134KeevalurRoad branching from km 21/400 of Velanganni-Vedaranyam road to seruthur0.0002.0002.000
135PoombuharUdayarkoil Village road0.0002.0002.000
136SirkaliSemmangudy-Keeranallur road0.0001.8001.800
137MayiladuthuraiKurichi-Sethamalli road0.0001.8001.800
138PoombuharVadakarai-Annavasal road0.0001.8001.800
139SirkaliKadaikkadu Village road0.0001.8001.800
140VedaranyamAymoor-Perumalai raod0.0001.7001.700
141PoombuharVazhuvur-Poovalai Village road0.0001.7001.700
142VedaranyamThagattur-Chettiyankadu-Athiankadu-Kovinthangkadu road0.0001.6301.630
143PoombuharChanthirappadi Village road0.8002.4001.600
144VedaranyamPanjanathikulam-Mesethi road0.0001.6001.600
145Km 0/0-1/0 Tiruvarur 1/0-1/6-NagapattinamVaippur-Thiruppayathankudy road0.0001.6001.600
146PoombuharAnnaimuttam Village road0.0001.6001.600
147SirkaliThandavagkulam Peria vaguppu road0.0001.6001.600
148VedaranyamChinnapiraman kadu road0.0001.6001.600
149KeevalurRoad branching from km 2/6 of Nirthanamangalam-Sembianmadevi road to Sikkal 0.0001.6001.600
150KeevalurEttukudy Bye Pass Road 0.0001.5501.550
151MayiladuthuraiAsikkadu-Kovankudy road0.0001.5001.500
152MayiladuthuraiThiruchitrampalam road0.0001.4501.450
153VedaranyamManmathankoil-Thopputhurai road0.0001.4001.400
154VedaranyamNaluvedhapathi Village road2.2003.4501.250
155NagapattinamNagapattinam town road0.0001.2461.246
156SirkaliPeriavaguppu-Chinna vaguppu road0.0001.2001.200
157NagapattinamThirukkannapuram Village road0.0001.2001.200
158PoombuharKokkur-to meet Tharangambady road0.0001.2001.200
159PoombuharPeravur Union road0.0001.2001.200
160PoombuharKaruppur Union road0.0001.2001.200
161NagapattinamManjakkollai-Ivanallur road0.6001.8001.200
162SirkaliKeeranallur-Thirukkaruvur road0.0001.1001.100
163PoombuharKokkur-Kutthalam road0.0001.2001.200
164PoombuharKokkur-Nachinnarkudy road0.0001.0001.000
165PoombuharKiliyanur Village road0.0001.0001.000
166MayiladuthuraiMarayur-Kovankudy road0.0000.9200.920
167KeevalurAnthakkudy-Thirupanjanam road0.0000.8000.800
168PoombuharThillayadi Railway feeder road0.0000.8000.800
169PoombuharKidarankondan-Keelayur road0.0000.8000.800
170NagapattinamVadakkupoiyur - Akkaraipettai (Via) Keechankuppam Road Service Road0.0000.8000.800
171SirkaliVadagal-Thirukarukavoor road0.0000.7500.750
172SirkaliMelamadavilagam-Nayanar street0.0000.4800.480
173KeevalurAnthankudy-Nagaloore road0.0000.4000.400
174MayiladuthuraiVikkraman river bank road0.0000.3000.300
175MayiladuthuraiKutthalam Railway feeder road0.0000.1000.100
174 Mayiladuthurai Vikkraman river bank road 0.000 0.300 0.300
175 Mayiladuthurai Kutthalam Railway feeder road 0.000 0.100 0.100
Total 695.335
Sl.No. Name of ConstituencyName of Road Length in Km.
Starting EndingTotal
1 Mayiladuthurai Thalanayar-Kondal road. 0.000 6.800 6.800
2 Poombuhar Sithambur-Edakkiyam road. 0.000 5.800 5.800
3 Mayiladuthurai Ivanallur-Villiyanallur road. 0.000 5.400 5.400
4 Poombuhar Nakkambady-Komal road. 0.000 4.600 4.600
5 Poombuhar Pillur-Sithambur road. 0.000 4.000 4.000
6 Keevalur Valivalam-Sundarapandiyam road. 0.000 3.600 3.600
7 Sirkali Kumarakudy-Melamathur road. 0.000 1.800 1.800
Total 32.000
Grand Total 727.335