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Danish FortThis fort was declared as a protected monument by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamilnadu in 1977 ADThe Danes constructed fortifications on the coast at Tranquebar. This was the only busy trade centre on the Coromandal coast for the Danes. This fort was a busy trade centre till 1845 AD when the Danes handed over the fort to the English. It was used as a Public Works Department Travellers Bungalow for government servants and colonials till 1977 AD.  


Scheme Statement

"Preserve and revitalise soul of the heritage city to reflect the city's unique character by encouraging aesthetically appealing, accessible, informative & secured environment. To undertake strategic and planned development of heritage cities aiming at improvement in overall quality of life with specific focus on sanitation, security, tourism, heritage revitalization and livelihoods retaining the city's cultural identity."

Scheme Objectives

The main objective of HRIDAY is to preserve character of the soul of heritage city and facilitate inclusive heritage linked urban development by exploring various avenues including involving private sector. Specific objectives are:

  • Planning, development and implementation of heritage sensitive infrastructure.
  • Service delivery and infrastructure provisioning in historic city core areas.
  • Preserve and revitalize heritage wherein tourists can connect directly with city's unique character.
  • Develop and document a heritage asset inventory of cities - natural, cultural, living and built heritage as a basis for urban planning, growth and service provision & delivery.
  • Implementation and enhancement of basic services delivery with focus on sanitation services like public conveniences, toilets, water taps, street lights with use of latest technologies in improving tourist facilities/amenities.
  • Local capacity enhancement for inclusive heritage-based industry.
  • Create effective linkages between tourism and cultural facilities and also the conservation of natural and built heritage.
  • Urban heritage adaptive rehabilitation and maintenance, including appropriate technologies for historic buildings retrofitting.
  • Establish and manage effective public private partnership for adaptive urban rehabilitation.
  • Development and promotion of core tangible economic activities to enhance avenues of livelihoods amongst stakeholders. This would also include necessary skill development amongst them including making public spaces accessible and developing cultural spaces.
  • Making cities informative with use of modern ICT tools and making cities secure with modern surveillance and security apparatus like CCTV etc.
  • Increase accessibility i.e. physical access [roads as well as universal design] and intellectual access [i.e. digital heritage and GIS mapping of historical locations/ tourist maps and routes].

VELANKANNI town panchayat - the scheme location

Velankanni town panchayat is one of the 12 cities selected under the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana [HRIDAY] Scheme which was launched on January 21, 2015 with the aim of bringing together urban planning, economic growth and heritage conservation in an inclusive manner with the objective of restoring, reviving and strengthening the soul and heritage of the city. Velankanni Town is considered to one the important holy Pilgrimage town, since it attracts huge number of pilgrims/tourists especially during the Shrine's Feast and festival period. The objectives of the CHP are to plan, develop and implement heritage sensitive infrastructure in and around the heritage sites of the town and its aim to preserve and revitalise the heritage.

Sanction order from Govt of India, Ministry of Urban Development- G.O. Dated 21.01.2015 - Sanction No. 15016/3HC-2015 has been received for sanctioned amount of Rs.22.26 Crores for Velankanni Town Panchayat under Heritage City Development And Augmentation Yojana [Hriday] Scheme.

Administrative Sanction from Govt of Tamil Nadu, Municipal Administration & Water Supply Department - has been issued G.O. dated - 12.02.2016 - G.O . [Ms] No.32 mentioning the City HRIDAY Plan of Rs.42.26 Crores submitted by Velankanni Town Panchayat and approved by Hriday National Empowered Committee [HNEC] MOUD on 27.10.2015.

The HRIDAY City Anchors appointed by Government of India has prepared a DPR for Rs. 97 lakhs, which was reviewed and approved in the 4th HRIDAY National Empowered Committee [HNEC] of Ministry of Urban Development on 27th October 2015].Hence the works in DPR for Rs. 97 Lakhs is tendered and work order is issued by the City Mission Directorate, Velankanni Town Panchayat. Based on the approved DPR, the initial release of 20% of project cost of DPR [Rs 19, 41,947] has also been released to Velankanni town Panchayat by the Ministry of Urban Development on 21st Dec 2015 for the execution of works for proposed components in the DPR. The components of the DPR for support infrastructure are as follows:

Status on Approved DPR for Support Infrastructure- 97 Lakhs
Name of the Work Cost [In Lakhs] Date of work order Issue Contractor Name Status
Provision of Paver Block Road 26.80 17.02.2016 Udhayam Constructions, Nagapatinam Work Completed
Signages-61 Nos. 15.10 17.02.2016 Shri Madhurambal Agencies, Chennai Work Completed
Street lighting- 140 Nos. 55.10 02.03.2016 Hertz Technologies, Chennai Work Completed
TOTAL 97 .00
Status on DPR Preparation
Name of the Work Cost [In Lakhs] Date of work order Issue Contractor Name Status
Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Phase I List of Projects 10.37 Crore 01.03.2016 ARCOP Associates Pvt. Ltd. [Lead] in consortium with Design Accord and M/S Shristi Consulting Services, Farithabad, Delhi Final DPR Approved by Hriday- National Empower Committee

Initially the DPR was proposed for Rs.9.48 Crores from the shelf of Projects of City HRIDAY Plan [CHP] and M/S Shristi Consultancy prepared the DPR for Heritage linked infrastructure for three Heritage zones[Town Core, Beach Civic & Recreational zone, Transit node ] for Rs.10.56 Crores. After the Technical Committee Scrutiny and incorporating comments from the CPWD Officials, the Final DPR cost was arrived at Rs.10.37 Crores and the same was approved by the HRIDAY National Empowered Committee on 15th Dec 2016.

In continuation to this, the MoUD has released the 1st instalment of Fund of Rs. 4, 14,91,580 to implement the work in the approved DPR. The administration Sanction for the below mentioned works for the DPR of Rs. 10.37 Crores has been obtained. The tender will be invited for contactor to implement the works tentatively on 23rd Jan 2017.

work matrix
Sl. No Descriptions Nos Estimate Amount
1 Signages 10 900000.00
2 Benches 15 820000.00
3 Beach Shelter 10 725000.00
4 Drinking Water Plant[RO Plant] 5 3000000.00
5 First Aid Room 5 4425000.00
6 Gate 1 [Double Arch] 1 4780000.00
Gate 2 [ Single Arch] 1 2870000.00
7 Police Watch Towers 5 9900000.00
8 Solid waste treatment Plant Campus 1 16685000.00
9 Landscape & site development of beach area 1 24000000.00
10 Observatory Tower 3 3460000.00
11 Sanitary Complex 1 7050000.00
12 Storm water Drain 1 15800000.00
13 Illumination of River Bank Road 1 3670000.00
14 Beach Parking Illumination 1 1475000.00
15 Shreading Machine 1 1828952.00
16 EMV vehicle 4 2340000.00
Total 103728952.00