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Communication form a vital part of the Information and Public Relations Department. The District Information and Public Relations offices disseminate information relating to the welfare schemes and activities of the Government besides creating awareness among the people through print and electronic media. The District Information and Public Relation offices release Government press releases and photographs to media, organize video shows in places where people throng in large numbers, press conferences and publicity through local cable TV Channels, Government functions, multi-media Campaigns and mini-exhibitions besides maintaining memorials. With a view to facilitate the work of the Information and Public Relations offices in the districts, the district offices have been upgraded with necessary infrastructure.

This office is headed by a Public Relations Officer, along with an Adddional Officer and a Media Personnel and Human Resource to support administrative functions of the office.Special Media Centres would be setup during key events like Mansoon Periods, Election and part of Disaster Management exercises. This office also executes awareness campaigns at public Places and at remote Locations, taking Government activities and other Public Information closer to citizens. This also plays key role in taking health information specially during periods of mass sufferings and Seasonal outbreaks. It also coordinates with other Private Players/Stake Holders in Media, helps scaling better Reach of Information.

Photo Exhibition @ Nagapattinam

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Started Dispatching EVM's from the Goodown to the respective Assembly Constituencies by District Collector cum District Election Officer

The Site Manager

The District Informatics Officer
National Informatics Centre
Nagapattinam District,
Tamil Nadu

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The Personal Assistant[General] to Collector
District Collectorate
Nagapattinam District,
Tamil Nadu